Sweet Weight

by Kate Lynn Hibbard


The poems in Kate Lynn Hibbard's Sweet Weight are of the earthly realm (rooted in dust, blossom, body, snow) yet are wholly committed to the coexistence of the mundane and sublime. You can't read these poems without thinking of our daily struggle to not only experience but also verbalize--to make sense of, to come to terms with--the transcendent.

-- Juliet Patterson

Kate Lynn Hibbard's first book of poems, Sleeping Upside Down, won the Gerald Cable Book Award from Silverfish Review Press. She is the editor of When We Become Weavers: Queer Female Poets on the Midwestern Experience (Squares & Rebels, 2012). Her many honors include two Minnesota State Arts Board Initiative Grants. She lives in Saint Paul, and is a professor of writing and women's studies at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.