AVAILABLE NOW: Meditation Archipelago

by Tony Leuzzi


"Ambitious, inventive, nimble, quick-witted, Tony Leuzzi's Meditation Archipelago amasses poems of technical virtuosity and capacious insight. An alert, original personality is at work in this collection as subterranean vaults of feeling are excavated and reclaimed."

--Lee Upton, author of Bottle the Bottles the Bottles the Bottles

Click here to read an interview with Tony Leuzzi, by filmmaker Pirooz Kalayeh, in The Brooklyn Rail.

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The Burning Door

by Tony Leuzzi


“Very few more recently invented forms feel a truly usable engine of meaning and feeling. The ‘cadae’ in Tony Leuzzi’s The Burning Door are just that—you notice the formal pleasure, but the poems themselves are what thrill. Leuzzi couples throughout this book authority of perception, the fragrance of parable, and striking, often unflinching images, with a balancing uncertainty and highly elliptical bent. He asks the kinds of questions that invite their own unanswered consequence to flood the reader. The result is just what is wanted from any book of poems: the exhilaration of discovery.” ––Jane Hirshfield

  Tony Leuzzi’s Radiant Losses won the New Sins Editorial Prize in 2009 and was published the following year. In 2012, BOA Editions released Passwords Primeval, a collection of interviews with 20 American poets. His poems, reviews, and interviews have been published in American Literary Review, Arts & Letters, Sentence, HTML Giant, The Huffington Post, The Brooklyn Rail, and elsewhere. A painter and assemblage artist, he is an Associate Professor of English at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY.