Translucent when Fired: Poems New & Selected

by Deena Linett


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"Kaleidoscopic and brilliantly lit, Translucent When Fired: Poems New & Selected displays Deena Linett's talent through selections from her first four volumes along with her splendid new work. The poems travel throughout eras and lands, from Paris to Sarajevo, Edinburgh to Dublinm Half Moon Bay to the Everglades, and they traverse territory from the mythological to the hard facts of history. Linett's lush imagery (from paintings to kilims) and romantic attachments (and uncouplings, too) become 'the clay' she commits 'to fire,' guiding thoughts, perceptions, and experiences to transformational moments where they 'melt into something hard and new/long-lasting.' These subtle poems 'let light through' -- dazzling her readers in the process."

-- Molly Peacock



The Gate at Visby

by Deena Linett


Linett is a poet of rapture, a mind-traveler of lands extracted from time and history, as she reaffirms the poet's quest to envision the world as the first human being, and to name it in such a way that it shimmers like mirrors of legend and reality, sparkling and blazing with intensity and insistent momentum.

--Judith Harris


Deena Linett was born in Boston and grew up on the Gulf coast of Florida. She has lived in New Jersey where for many years she taught at Montclair State University. She lives now in Indiana. She is the author of four books of poems.

Her essays and short fiction appear in a variety of little magazines and two novels, published in the '80s, won small national contests. A third novel, What Winter Means, has won the Grassic Short Novel Prize and will appear in 2017.

In addition to fellowships to The Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators on Gotland, she has twice been resident at Hawthornden Castle International Retreat for Writers outside Edinburgh, and twice a Yaddo Fellow.