PSALTER: The Agnostic's Book of Common Curiosities

by Georgia A. Popoff


Poetry is how we recognize immaterial dreams and wishes. A true poet must be part Sufi, part skeptic; both mathematician and map maker. In Psalter, Georgia Popoff’s narrator is all of these and more. The poems in this rich new collection are unafraid of the soul.

–Stephen Kuusisto

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Georgia A. Popoff's previous books include Coaxing Nectar from Longing, The Doom Weaver, and a chapbook in the Greatest Hits series. She is coauthor of Our Difficult Sunlight: A Guide to Poetry, Literacy, & Social Justice in Classroom & Community (with Quaraysh Ali Lansana), which was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for excellence in instructional literature in 2012. She lives in Syracuse, New York.