Transfiguration Begins at Home

by Estha Weiner

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"Estha Weiner's sensibility is beautifully unique--a blend of Beckett and Dorothy Parker, Maine and New York City, loss and evocation. That things don't work out is a form of them working out and that fact is crucial to the very adult and bittersweet ethos Estha Weiner deftly summons. The poems have a gnomic quality; their concision is the habit of someone who bravely shapes retorts to the breezy slanders of time."

-- Baron Wormser

Estha Weiner is co-editor and contributor to Blues For Bill: A  Tribute to William Matthews  (Akron Poetry Series, 2005 ), author of The Mistress Manuscript ( Book Works, 2009),  and Transfiguration Begins at Home (Tiger Bark Press, 2009). Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, including  The New Republic, Barrow Street and Rattapallax.  She is a 2008 nominee for a Pushcart Prize, a 2005 winner of a Paterson Poetry Prize,   and a 2008 Visiting Scholar at The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford, England. Estha is founder and director of The NY Writers Nights Series for Sarah Lawrence College , and serves on the Advisory Board of Slapering Hol Press, Hudson Valley Writers Center . In her previous life, she was an actor and worked for BBC radio.